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Armenian Tigger Melon Seeds

Armenian Tigger Melon Seeds Organically Grown

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This fruit looks spectacular on the table, fills the room with enticing aromas and then is just ho hum when you eat it. The most amazing looking melon we have grown. The fruit is vibrant

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Armenian Tigger Melon Seeds Organically Grown

Price for Package of 5 seeds.

It is characterized by a strong and intense exotic taste and smell, and it is also very decorative. Small in size, the fruits weigh 150-450 g. Tigger melon plants can yield up to twenty melons per vine. The most amazing looking melon we have grown.

Tigger melons smooth rind has vertical variegations of rust orange and yellow. The melon's creamy, off-white flesh is juicy and sweet with a flavor that has been compared to that of Asian pear and cantaloupe. Like most muskmelon types, it offers a highly aromatic scent and has been known to perfume the entire room they are in when at their peak of ripeness. Tigger melons will grow to be approximately the size of a softball and weigh a modest one pound when fully mature.

The Tigger melon was originally discovered in ancient western Armenia near the Tigris River. Like most melon varieties it prefers the warm to hot growing days of summer in temperate and Mediterranean regions. Growing on climbing vines the petite size of the Tigger melon makes it ideal for trellising allowing it to be grown in relatively small spaces.


Gorgeous, bright yellow and rusty orange tiger-striped skin with pale, tan flesh


This little baby just fills the room with fragrance while innocently sitting there on the table. Then when you cut it, oh when you cut it, it just explodes with the most divinely strong and sweet melony smell. This is what falling in love smells like.


Pretty firm for melon and juicy


Mellow vanilla flavor with little sweetness

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Handpicked seeds ?
Handpicked seeds
Organic Seeds ?
Organic Seeds
Organic/natural ?
Organic/Natural: Yes
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Sowing depth ?
Sowing depth 5 mm
Manufacturer ?
Manufacturer: Seeds Gallery
Fruit Weight ?
Fruit Weight: 250 g
Scientific name:
Cucumis melo

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